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Web-Based Client Level Data System

Contract Management and Billing

Visual and Interactive RSR

Real-Time Visual Reporting

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About eCOMPAS ®

eCOMPAS ® (Electronic Comprehensive Outcomes Measurement Program for Accountability and Success) is the most powerful and affordable solution for contract management, quality improvement, and client satisfaction for Ryan White, HOPWA, and HIV Prevention programs. See if for yourself, and see what others are saying about it

eCOMPAS ® was the third system in the nation to submit XML data electronically to the HRSA EHB, and is fully compatible with HRSA's Client Level Data requirements, RSR, and Clinical Performance Indicators

eCOMPAS ® Tools

Grantee Tools

  • Program & Contracts Management
  • Program & Unit Cost Contract Management
  • Program & Outcomes & Evaluations
  • Program & Federal Reporting

Service Provider Tools

  • Referrals and Confirmation of Service
  • Program Utilization
  • Unit Cost Billing
  • Clinical Data Tracking and Sharing

Planning Council Tools

  • Utilization Data by Demographic Profile
  • Outcomes Assessment
  • Client Activity Rating and Severity of Need Index
  • Web-based Needs Assessment

Client Tools

  • Client Satisfaction Survey
  • Client Resource Center
  • Provider Resource Guide

eCOMPAS ® Features

Contract Management

  • Multi-contract Management systems
  • Unit Cost Service utilization and financial reports
  • See what's over/under budget in real-time
  • Improve Coordination of service delivery

Quality & Outcomes Management

  • Perform dynamic charting of indicators
  • Securely identify trends and collection on the web in real-time
  • See real-time graphical demographics reports
  • Better understand populations and sub-populations

RSR Report

  • RSR Ready
  • Visual and Interactive RSR
  • Automated Data Validation Engine and Data Quality Management
  • Easily export data to HRSA

Client Satisfaction Module

  • Collect client satisfaction surveys online
  • Deliver real-time feedback in graphical format
  • Drill down for real-time gap analysis
  • Multi-level security and encryption to protect sensitive client records